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Best Seafood Near Me to Celebrate with Your Family – Our Unique Menu

Here at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we bring a taste of Cajun cuisine to the Triad! Our menu will transport you to Louisiana without having to leave North Carolina. Remember that the best seafood restaurants offer a wide variety of great seafood. Fresh fish and shellfish are key to pleasing everyone with a memorable meal. We have something for everyone, which makes us the best seafood near me for a family celebration. Even if you have picky eaters in your family, our menu is designed to please everyone’s taste buds. Here’s a look at what you can expect at our restaurant.

Cajun Cuisine: A Unique Southern Tradition for Best Seafood Near Me

In the 1700s, the British deported settlements of French people who were living in Canada. They migrated to what is now modern-day Louisiana, where Cajun and Creole cuisines were born. When they were deported, these settlers had to learn new ways of cooking. Their new home in Louisiana was not the right climate for the ingredients and cooking methods used in French Canada.

While Creole typically refers to the culture that developed in cities, Cajun culture developed in rural areas. There is a lot of overlap! Both cuisines have strong French foundations. Additionally, they draw inspiration from traditional Spanish and West African foods, as new settlers moved into the area. In Cajun cooking, you’ll often find the following cooking methods:

  • Stewing – which combines meat and vegetables cooked together to create a thick sauce-like gravy
  • Deep frying – when foods are often breaded or seasoned before a bath in hot oil
  • Smothering – which requires meats and vegetables to be cooked over low heat with very little water, similar to braising
  • Boiling – a method which combines meat (usually seafood and sausage) and vegetables cooked in a seasoned liquid over high heat

Modern Cajun cuisine also includes blackening, which was invented by famous Louisiana chef Paul Prudhomme in the 1970s. With blackening, the chef dips meat (such as fish or chicken) in butter and coats it in spices. When pan-seared in a hot cast-iron skillet, a black crust forms, giving the cooking technique its name. While this wasn’t traditionally part of Cajun cuisine, Prudhomme is responsible for popularizing Cajun dishes. So, blackening is often associated with Cajun cuisine.

In most cases, Cajun cuisine uses fresh, local ingredients. The original settlers lived in often-isolated rural communities. They used local seafood and vegetables that were in season to create their meals. To honor their traditions, we’ve developed our menu to include the best seafood near me along with other high-quality ingredients.

What is a Seafood Boil?

Seafood is our specialty, and we love to bring the taste of a southeastern coastal boil to the Triad. Boils are extremely popular in Louisiana, Georgia, and South Carolina. In South Carolina specifically, you’ll find milder boils sometimes called Frodmore Stew, aka low-country boil. In Louisiana, the boils tend to be spicier, with crawfish being one of the most popular ingredients. No matter what kind of traditional boil you like, you’ll find menu options here at Crazy Crab!

What is a boil exactly? Well, we start with the traditional southern boil ingredients: corn, egg, potato, and sausage. Then, you get to pick the type of seafood you like:

  • Clams
  • Green Mussels
  • Black Mussels
  • Crawfish
  • Shrimp (head on or no head)
  • Snow Crab Legs
  • King Crab Legs
  • Dungeness Grab Legs
  • Lobster Tail

We have pre-built boil options, which include one to two pounds of seafood. Or, you can build your own boil with the seafood options you like most. At our Greensboro location, we also have blue crab when it is in season, as well as oysters in the shell. If you love extra sides, you can also add additional corn, potato, egg, or sausage to your boil.

After choosing your seafood, you next choose a flavor. We have garlic, lemon pepper, and Cajun flavors. Additionally, we have an “all mix” option if you want to combine these three flavors. It’s the ultimate treat for your taste buds.

Finally, you’ll choose your spice level. Kids and adults who don’t like spicy food will love our non-spicy mild flavor. Instead, you can go for a little heat – or a lot of heat – by choosing medium, hot, or extra hot. Believe it or not, Cajun food is not necessarily spicy. People began to associate spicy food with Cajun food because Prudhomme liked to add a lot of spice. However, Cajun food doesn’t have to be spicy. Pick the heat level you like without worrying that it is not spicy enough to be a true Cajun experience.

Other Cajun-Inspired Menu Items

If you’re not interested in a boil, our menus at both the Greensboro and Winston-Salem locations have other Cajun-inspired options. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find:

  • Jambalaya

This is a traditional southern stew with origins in Louisiana. It combines Spanish, French, and West African influences to create a “jumbled” dish (hence, the name!). Our version has chicken, shrimp, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and more in a thick tomato-based sauce with Cajun seasoning. Our jambalaya comes with white rice.

  • Gumbo

Like jambalaya, gumbo has roots in Louisiana. Our version has a traditional thick roux-based sauce smothering shrimp and tilapia. We include the three vegetables known in Cajun cooking as the “holy trinity”: celery, onion, and green bell peppers. We serve our gumbo over white rice.

  • Étouffée

Speaking of smothered, étouffée literally means “smothered” in French. This is another Louisiana stew, traditionally including shellfish. Our version has crawfish tails in a delicious holy trinity sauce. Like our other Cajun stews, we serve it over white rice.

  • Po’ Boy

The po’ boy sandwich is another Louisiana treat. No one is 100% sure who first used the term “po’ boy,” but some say it has origins in the 1920s streetcar conductor strike. During this strike, one restaurant served free sandwiches to these “poor boy” strikers. Workers in the restaurant would see a striker coming in for his free sandwich and would say, “Here comes another po’ boy,” and the name caught on. However, restaurants served versions of a po’ boy sandwich as early as the late 1800s. This sandwich traditionally contains some kind of meat on French bread. Here at Crazy Crab, you can choose fried shrimp, friend oysters, or grilled crab cakes. We dress the sandwich with the traditional lettuce, tomato, and remoulade sauce. Additionally, we serve your po’ boy with French fries, which is the common side dish you’ll find in New Orleans.

Many of the other menu items at Crazy Crab also have Cajun inspiration. Even if you don’t want a fully traditional Cajun meal, you can enjoy southern-inspired food at our restaurant. For example, enjoy a fried shrimp basket or an order of hush puppies. We love to combine Cajun food with more traditional non-Cajun American dishes.

Our Menu isn’t Cajun-Only! Enjoy Traditional American Dishes

If it isn’t obvious by now, we love Cajun food! It’s why we’ve been traveling throughout the southeast and perfecting our recipes for over 15 years. However, we understand that not every member of your family may enjoy Cajun cuisine. So, our menu also includes a broader selection of non-Cajun, traditional American dishes.

First, start with an appetizer. For seafood lovers, we have oysters and shrimp on the menu. We also have non-seafood starters such as cheese sticks, onion rings, and chicken wings.

If a boil or traditional Cajun dish doesn’t suit your tastes for an entrée, we have many other options. Our Greensboro and Winston-Salem menus vary, but here’s a taste of some of the options you’ll find:

  • Fried baskets and combos include oysters, clams, shrimp, tilapia, catfish, flounder, and calamari
  • The classic kid-friendly chicken finger basket
  • Seafood dinners, like wild-caught salmon, skewered shrimp, lobster tail and crab cakes
  • Craft burgers, including our mushroom Swiss burger, black and bleu burger, and others
  • Sirloin and ribeye steak dinners
  • Chicken with several glaze and sauce options
  • A variety of salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes

Our menu also includes a’ la carte side dishes. On our side dish menu, you’ll find green beans, spinach, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, fried rice, and more. Of course, our side dish menu also includes French fries, salads, coleslaw, and other dishes traditionally served in the south.

As we continue to perfect recipes, our menu changes to offer new dishes to our guests. Click here to see our current Greensboro menu. Or, click here to see our current Winston-Salem menu. Yes, you can order online to avoid the wait!

No matter what you choose to order, you know you’re getting a high-quality meal at Crazy Crab. Part of what sets us apart is our commitment to authentic Cajun food at affordable prices.

Celebrating with Your Family with the Best Seafood Near Me

Here at Crazy Crab, we take pride in being a premier location for celebrating with your family. Many seafood restaurants don’t offer a broad menu to please even fussy children. We keep our prices affordable, our choices broad and even have 99 cent kids’ night!

Every Monday, kids 10 and under can choose an entrée from our kids’ menu for just 99 cents. With options like chicken tenders, popcorn shrimp, fried tilapia, and wings, there is something for even the fussiest eater. Our kids’ menu even includes a version of our famous seafood boils! The kids’ version of a boil has shrimp and corn, and uses a mild kid-friendly seasoning. It’s a great opportunity to encourage adventurous eating.

Beyond our kids’ menu and 99 cent kids’ night, we love hosting families who are celebrating kids’ accomplishments. When you celebrate accomplishments as a family, you inspire kids to continue trying their best at everything they do. If you need some suggestions for a celebration, here are a few ideas:

  • A good report card: This doesn’t just mean straight As! You can celebrate any grade that is a result of hard work.
  • The end of a sports season: Consider celebrating all sports accomplishments, even if your team had a losing season. For example, you can celebrate good sportsmanship or improving a certain skill.
  • A new brother, sister, or other family member: It’s fun to celebrate a new life coming into your family. Consider a special meal with your kids to announce that they’ll soon be a big brother or sister.
  • Conquering a fear: Celebrate with your kids when they overcome a fear. For example, you might celebrate your teen speaking in public for the first time. Or, you might celebrate a younger child sleeping in their own bed through the night.
  • Starting a new school or program: It can be scary to start somewhere new. Even as adults, starting a new college program or new job can be hard. Celebrate the first day of school with your kids.

In short, look for opportunities to celebrate as a family! Spend time together having a great meal at Crazy Crab. Yes, it is a simple thing to do. However, a little encouragement through a special meal can go a long way for a child’s self-esteem.

We hope to see your family celebrating at Crazy Crab soon! Whether you’re enjoying a quick lunch or a full Cajun boil dinner, we look forward to celebrating with you. If you have a big party or want to ensure a quick check-in, click here to make a reservation.


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