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FAQs about Louisiana Cuisine and Cajun Food Near Me

Are you looking for food near me in Greensboro or Winston-Salem? Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill is open for dine-in and take out meals. We’re a traditional Cajun seafood restaurant featuring Louisiana-style boils filled with flavor. We also have a full menu of other items for diners who don’t want to order seafood.

Before you order, here are a few frequently asked questions about our menu items. If you have any more questions, our wait staff will be happy to answer them for you!

What is a Seafood Boil?

First, let’s talk about our most popular menu item, our seafood boils. These boils are available at each location and you can dine in or use online ordering to schedule a seafood boil pick-up.

We cook the items in our seafood boils together in a sauce. This is a traditional southeastern preparation. In Louisiana and the coastal southeast, it is very popular for families, friends, community organizations, and other groups to hold a seafood boil, where they cook the ingredients en masse to feed a crowd. Our seafood boils are individual, or we have a new Crazy Crab Feast which feeds 4-6 people.

Our seafood boils start with potatoes and corn. You can also add sausage and egg, which are traditional ingredients in some areas of the southeastern U.S. Then, you’ll pick your protein. We offer the following types of seafood:

  • Clams
  • Green Mussels
  • Snow Crab Legs
  • Blue Crab (Seasonal)
  • Black Mussels
  • King Crab Legs
  • Crawfish
  • Shrimp (Head on or No Head)
  • Dungeness Crab Legs
  • Lobster Tail
  • Oysters in The Shell

Then, you’ll pick your favorite sauce: butter, garlic butter, Old Bay, Cajun, lemon pepper, or a mix of all sauce options. Lastly, you’ll choose how spicy you want the sauce to be on a scale from one (not spicy) to five (extra hot).

If you aren’t sure which types of seafood to choose, we have seven pre-set options as well.

Does Crazy Crab Serve Po’ Boys?

Yes! Po’ boys are available at select Crazy Crab locations. These sandwiches are one of our favorite New Orleans meals.

A po’ boy traditionally consists of meat or seafood, often fried, served on a crusty French bread loaf. Our version of this sandwich has fried shrimp. We dress it with lettuce, tomatoes, and a Cajun-style rémoulade. It makes a great lunch or dinner.

The origin of the po’ boy is uncertain. However, legend says that the po’ boy sandwich was created to give a free meal to the “poor boys” who were on strike from a New Orleans streetcar company in 1929. Owners of the restaurant would say, “Here comes another po’ boy.” The sandwich also has origins in the oyster loaves served in the city in the 1800s.

Our po’ boy is a delicious option if you want a sandwich instead of a seafood boil. We serve our po’ boy with a side of French fries.

What Other Cajun Dishes Can I Order at Crazy Crab?

While our menu varies from location to location, we do serve a variety of other Cajun and southeastern favorites at Crazy Crab. We want all guests to have a truly unique and authentic Louisiana experience. Here are the other dishes you can find at our restaurants:

  • Hush Puppies: In the southeast, no meal is complete without an order of hush puppies. We serve these delicious fried cornmeal treats with homemade honey butter.
  • Jambalaya: This is a Cajun stew-like dish served with white rice. As the name implies, the ingredients are “jumbled up” to create a delicious quick lunch or dinner. Our jambalaya includes chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and tomatoes in a thick, Cajun-seasoned tomato sauce.
  • Fried baskets: We have fried oysters, fried shrimp, fried catfish, fried whiting, and more! This is a great option if you like seafood but are not hungry enough for a full seafood boil.

To see exactly which dishes are available at our different locations, click below to see each menu:

All three locations are open for both dine-in and takeout, using appropriate precautions, of course!

Can My Kids Order Familiar Foods?

Are you looking for food near me the entire family can enjoy? Some seafood restaurants do not cater toward kids. Or, they may have a kids’ menu full of items that don’t have much flavor.

Here at Crazy Crab we take a different approach. We encourage kids to order a seafood boil or other traditional Cajun dish. It’s a great way to expand their palettes! However, for picky eaters of all ages, we also have several more common options available:

  • Chicken Tenders Basket with French Fries
  • Popcorn Shrimp
  • Cheese Sticks
  • Chicken Wings

Our Greensboro lunch menus also includes a variety of burgers, such as a classic burger, bourbon burger, mushroom swiss burger, black & bleu burger, and bacon cheese burger.

Crazy Crab is a fun dining experience complete with large bibs, gloves, and dinner in a bag that you can eat with your hands. So, often kids will try a food that they wouldn’t otherwise want because they enjoy being part of the experience. We recommend choosing a non-spicy butter or garlic butter sauce if you child is unsure about trying new foods.

Do You Serve Louisiana-Style Desserts?

After dinner, if you aren’t too stuffed, check out our dessert menu, available at participating locations. These items are also available with online ordering. If you have a sweet tooth, you aren’t going to want to pass up a Crazy Crab confection to finish your meal! Here’s what you’ll find on our dessert menu at select locations:

  • Bananas Foster Cheesecake: Bananas Foster is a dessert that rose in popularity in the 1950s. Ella Brennan and chef Paul Blangé created it based on a dish Brennan’s mother made at their home. It has a caramelized liquor-based sauce made by flambéing the bananas. Our version combines that sweet banana flavor with the creaminess of a traditional cheesecake.
  • Beignets: If you’ve ever been to New Orleans, you’ve probably eaten a beignet. This is a small fried pastry similar to a doughnut and covered in powdered sugar. We serve our piping hot beignets with a traditional chocolate dipping sauce.
  • Key Lime Pie: Although not a Louisiana original, key lime pie is extremely popular throughout the southeastern United States. The exact origin is unknown, but it began showing up in cookbooks and recipes in the 1930s. Our pie has a homemade graham cracker crust and a traditional filling made with plenty of key lime juice.

If you are looking for a dessert beyond southern favorites, we also serve a three-layer chocolate cake. This scratch-made dessert is super rich and perfect for sharing a sweet end to a meal. It’s a dessert any chocolate-lover will enjoy.

Is Your Restaurant Open for In-Person Dining? Is It Safe?

We are currently open for both in-person dining and takeout using online ordering. Of course, we comply with all state and local laws, which are changing as our current pandemic situation evolves. If you are unsure, you can call any of our locations to find out the current status of our restaurant.

For both our takeout and dine-in customers, we are taking precautions to keep everyone safe. This includes the following:

  • Our staff members wear masks based on WHO and CDC recommendations.
  • We ask any staff member exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or exposed to someone with symptoms to stay home from work.
  • Patrons should wear their masks to come into our restaurant when picking up meals and when walking to their tables. Once you are at your table, you may of course, remove your mask to enjoy your meal.
  • We’ve removed some seating options to allow patrons to properly social distance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sitting too close to other diners. We recommend reservations, since we have limited seating.
  • Our staff wipes down surfaces even more often than normal. This ensures that we sanitize all tables and countertops frequently.
  • We use high standards of cleaning, which was already in place before the pandemic.
  • In some cases, we may use disposable options instead of washable cups, plates, etc.
  • Some special services and party options may not be available right now, in order to keep everyone safe.
  • We do, however, continue to offer our catering services at select locations. Enjoy your celebration with family or friends. Call 336-912-2925 for further information.

Our takeout option is a great choice for families who want to take more precautions. We package our seafood boils and other meals for easy transportation. You can enjoy it at home or even try a fun outdoor space for a socially-distanced picnic.

Keep in mind that we also offer gift card options. You can purchase a gift card to support our restaurant now, and use it when the pandemic has ended. Or, give it to someone so that they, too, can enjoy a great dining experience.

How Can I Take My Cajun Celebration Up a Notch at Home?

If you’re ordering takeout, you can have an entire themed night with your family at your home. Enjoy the taste of New Orleans and use these tips to take things up a notch:

  • Decorate in the traditional Mardi Gras colors of bright green, purple, and yellow/gold.
  • Mix up some fun drinks. This list includes five classic New Orleans mixed drink recipes, including the ever-popular Hurricane. You can make non-alcoholic versions for the kiddos, so everyone can be part of the celebration.
  • Listen to some traditional New Orleans music. Some of our favorite artists include Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, and The Dukes of Dixieland. Did you know there are also many popular modern artists who are from New Orleans, including Lil Wayne and Harry Connick Jr.?
  • Have a mini-masquerade. If you have kids, they will love decorating simple masks to wear to dinner. Masquerades are quintessential New Orleans parties. You can also dress up in full costumes and of course wear plenty of plastic beads.

Just because you can’t go to a large party right now doesn’t mean you can’t make it a special evening with your family. Look for ways to make the night fun, like watching a movie set in New Orleans. We recommend The Princess and the Frog for families of all ages. If you’re looking for a more adult film, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Big Easy, and Interview with a Vampire are all classic options.

Do You Have a Rewards Program?

The more you eat at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, the more rewards you will receive! To join the rewards program, simply sign up using our free mobile app. Joining our rewards programs gives you several perks:

  • We give you 10% off any item just by joining.
  • You can order online and pay with your phone for a contact-less payment option.
  • Every time you place an order, you’ll earn points to get rewards.
  • We give you fun scratchers and games, which allow you to win even more rewards via the app.
  • All members get a free birthday dessert. You can earn even more rewards for social sharing activity. Our food and the Crazy Crab experience are already fun to share, and now you’ll earn points for doing it.

We also have special days when you can earn double points and bonuses so your rewards add up faster. Click here to learn more about our rewards program.

For Food Near Me, there is No Better Option than Crazy Crab!

At our restaurant, we take care to provide you with the best southern-inspired food in the Triad area. Our goal is to bring Louisiana to life via your taste buds.

To get started, contact us for a reservation or use the link to order online from your nearest location. We hope to see you at Crazy Crab soon!


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