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Catering Near Me For Your Next Special Event in the Triad!

Guests gauge the success of social events by the experience. While service and venue are important, the quality of the food is critical. Great-tasting food evokes fond memories of the occasion. Of course, the perfect caterer flawlessly combines exceptional service, delicious food, and an ideal venue. When searching for food preparers offering catering near me with heavenly dishes, choose Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill.

Undoubtedly, people are sensory beings. We discover and judge events by pleasant or unpleasant stimulation. Taste is one of our stronger senses tied to both memories and emotions. So, when you experience a pleasurable flavor, your brain records the event as a pleasant memory.

Our experience with food is very powerful. Thus, choosing a caterer who can deliver outstandingly tasty food is paramount to the success of your event. But serving outstandingly good food is just the beginning.

For a truly memorable event, food, service, and venue must come together to make your event an enduring remembrance. Our catering team works together seamlessly to provide exemplary service for your event. Combined with our fresh, delicious food and a charming dining room, your party will be a long-cherished memory.

Tips for Finding A Great Caterer

When planning your social event, your food budget is one of the largest expenditures. Since it’s a large part of your budget, you should some spend time researching caterers. And not only should you be asking questions, but so should your food provider. Your conversation should be a dialogue and not a one-sided discussion. In order to provide the ultimate experience, your caterer needs a clear understanding of your expectations.

Some caterers specialize in smaller events, others in large corporate events. While this may not seem important, it can mean the success or failure of your party. First, the size of the dining room must be able to accommodate the number of guests. Also, a food caterer with a small kitchen will find it impossible to supply enough food for a large gathering. If you’re planning an off-site event, be sure to ask the caterer for references of similar-sized events.

Additionally, some of your guests may have food allergies, while others may be vegetarian. Since you want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable, you’ll need menu options for them. Moreover, if you’ve never eaten at the establishment before, you want assurance of the quality of food. Thus, inquire about a sample session to see how the food on your menu will taste.

Your contract should be very specific, detailing exactly what’s included. For example, if the event is taking place outside of the caterer’s venue, who’ll supply the tables and chairs? A well-written contract will protect both parties, not just the food provider. Plus, you won’t receive any unpleasant surprises on the day of your special event. As you investigate several food providers, judge each one on responsiveness. One who responds quickly to telephone calls and emails shows true concern about their commitment to your event.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay Per Person?

Pricing for hiring a catering service varies depending upon location, menu, service, and of course the number of guests. Generally, a company will quote you a price-per-person fee. While it may be obvious how the size of your event influences costs, other fees may be more inconspicuous.

Aside from the number of guests at your special event, your choice of menu items affects pricing. Some food items are just more expensive than others. Lobster is going to be more expensive than chicken. Typically, too, any premium, specialized food will cost more. For example, gluten-free baked goods generally cost more to produce than wheat-based choices.

When you choose to hold your event can add on additional cost too. There are certain days of the year when people hold more organized celebrations. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or even summertime are popular times for having events. The more in demand a caterer is during these times, the higher price they charge.

Also, catering an event may include varying levels of hospitality. Usually, the style of the event dictates the type of food service. Formal occasions like weddings are usually full-service affairs. Your guests remain seated as the catering staff serves portioned amounts. Typically, the caterer handles the bar and clean-up afterwards. Whereas in buffet style, guests serve themselves from several choices of dishes. Often, you’re responsible for clean-up and bar-tending.

Many times, you can hold your event in a private room of a restaurant. With kitchen equipment steps away, food arrives hot and fresh. Often rooms have a distinctive setting giving a theme to your event. Off-site events require additional planning for keeping food at optimal temperature and setup at the venue.

Why You Should Host Your Next Event with Us

Life may have drastically changed for many of us since the “pre-pandemic” days. However, we still have reasons to celebrate. Festive observance of a birthday, anniversary, and wedding can still take place. Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill wants to help plan your next gala.

Planning a celebration involves many big and small details. Beginning with sending out invitations, to the actual event, your guests’ anticipation and impressions help determine its success. Your celebration is too important to have a mistake ruin the day. Rather than handle all the stress and chaos yourself, let us create your unforgettable event experience. Our catering team has the experience to handle all your event needs.

Undoubtedly, many restaurants indeed serve good food. But tying together all the details seamlessly for a successful celebration is what we specialize in. We’ll custom-tailor every aspect of your event. Aunt Martha’s now a vegan? Cousin Joey has a peanut allergy? Your guests’ needs are our priority so you can enjoy your time with your guests.

At our Big Tree Way location in Greensboro, we have a dedicated dining room for your celebration. Equipped with a fully loaded bar, pool table, and sound system, it’s the perfect place to hold your next event. All three of our locations can also deliver our famous seafood boil or any of our delectable dishes to the venue of your choice. When you’re looking to create a memorable event, let us cater your next occasion.

Your health and safety are our main priorities. That’s why all of our employees strictly follow CDC recommended practices. We routinely clean and disinfect all frequently-touched surfaces. Of course, we have always required frequent hand washing for all employees.

Are Seafood Boils A Good Choice for Celebrations?

Sharing a meal at a special event is a community experience. And celebrations are perfect opportunities to socialize and renew relationships. Seafood boils by their very nature are a communal event. Thus, hosting a seafood boil is perfect for your next celebration.

So, what exactly is a seafood boil? It’s more than just a meal, it’s an experience – a fun experience! This encounter with seafood will leave you hungry for more. And with plenty of variations to keep everyone satisfied, it’s a great dish to serve at any social gathering.

Our seafood boil starts with corn on the cob and red potatoes. You can add sausage, egg or extra corn and potatoes for a small fee. Next, pick your seafood. Choose from clams, green or black mussels, crawfish, shrimp, oysters, lobsters, King, Snow, Blue, or Dungeness crab legs.

Then, pick your flavor. Choose from garlic, lemon pepper, or Cajun. For a truly unique taste, combine all three. Ready to add some zest? It’s time to decide on your spice level. Ranging from non-spicy to extra hot, we add just the amount of seasoning you want.

We can cook up any size seafood boil from small to large. Order a single size portion for yourself. Want to invite a few friends over? Our Crazy Crab Feast feeds 4-6 people. Planning a large event like a wedding reception, family reunion, or corporate event? You can hold your event at our Big Tree Way location in Greensboro. Or, if you prefer, we can deliver it to a venue of your choice.

What Else Is on The Menu?

We love our seafood, but we realize that not everyone is a fan of seafood. When you have a catered event with us, we can customize your selection to meet all your guests’ needs. That’s why we have other menu items like chicken wings and hamburgers.

Our chicken wings are fresh, never frozen. Why? Because freezing changes the flavor and color of your wings. Frozen chicken holds water producing a soggy product. And while color doesn’t directly affect the taste, it does affect the perception of taste. With naked, breaded, or grilled wings, you’ll love every bite.

Juicy hamburgers are another delicious choice, and we serve several different kinds. American cheese tops our traditional classic burger. In the mood for something a bit more exotic? How about a tangy, smoky flavored burger with a hint of bourbon? Then you’ll love our Bourbon burger. We also serve a Swiss cheese and mushroom, turkey bacon with American cheese, and a Bleu cheese burger.

And for those of you who do love seafood platters, we have several fried ones. Oysters, shrimp, whiting, and catfish are some of our specialties. Plus, we serve crispy crab cakes, Jambalaya with sweet, tangy banana peppers, Po’ Boy sandwiches, and blackened or grilled salmon. Do we have you drooling yet?

Finding Catering Near Me Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

In our ever-changing world, one thing is constant, our need to celebrate. Whether big or small, every milestone is important. With all the difficulties we face today, finding great catering near me shouldn’t be tough. And it isn’t, when you book your celebration with Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill.

But we’re more than just a catering venue. We’re also a unique and fun dining experience for your whole family. Bringing you the authentic taste of the South, we want to be your favorite dining experience. That’s why we traveled extensively for 15 years seeking out the best recipes. Then we tested and tweaked them in our kitchens to bring you the most flavorful dishes imaginable. Offering both a lunch and dinner menu, we serve great food every time.

And, because we know you’ll be back for more, we have a loyalty program that rewards you. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend whether in-store or online. Once you reach 50 points, you’ll receive $5 cash towards your next purchase. Watch for our special point and double-point days to earn even more. Plus, we’ll include a free dessert on your birthday!

Let’s start with a conversation today to plan your next celebration. Call us at 336-912-2925 right now to discuss the details to hold your event at our Big Tree Way location. Tell us what type of occasion you want to celebrate. Then we’ll take it from there. Have a different spot you want to hold your celebration? We can deliver hot, delicious food from any of our locations. In Winston Salem call 336-727-3735. At our New Garden Road location call 336-895-4784. And at our Big Tree Way location call 336.912-2925. Life continues, and so should the celebrations.


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