We are expanding the Crazy Crab experience from the original location in Winston-Salem. Now, Greensboro also has its own unique seafood and grill to enjoy with the entire family.

Our mission is to bring seafood dishes that originated in Louisiana and along the coastal southeast up to North Carolina. The goal is to provide a wide variety of authentic dishes in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

To achieve this objective, we traveled throughout the southeast and decided on our favorite dishes. Then, we perfected them, so that they truly represented the tastes of the region.

This 15-year effort resulted in a unique menu. Our specialties include low-country boils, gumbo, jambalaya, Cajun classics, and all types of shellfish. But we do understand that when the whole family is involved, it’s essential to offer something for everyone’s taste buds.

That’s why our broad menu also contains delicious, tender steaks, fresh salads, fried, and grilled items. We want you to enjoy a unique meal in a nautical setting. Why drive to the coast, when we bring all of the deliciousness of the beach to the Triad area?

Some of our guests’ favorite dishes are the build-your-own low-country boils.

Start with a base of fresh corn, red potatoes, boiled egg, and sausage. Then, choose from many types of shellfish, including Jumbo Shrimp and four types of Crab. You’re not finished yet! Top it all off with a choice of 4 sauces, each unique and sure to please your taste buds. The boils are entirely personalized, so each person has exactly the combination of flavors that they prefer. Our team has worked hard to bring the coastal food and atmosphere to the Triad. All of our ingredients are top-quality and presented with the perfect blend of flavors.

Of course, we offer a full bar with more than fifty choices of beer and liquor to complement any meal. We want you to DIG IN and HAVE FUN! Enjoy the experience! You’ll feel as though you’re on vacation at the beach!