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Cajun Seafood

Satisfy Your Cajun Seafood Boil Craving Here in Greensboro

Has it been a long time since you took your family out for a truly memorable dining experience? If you’re like most families, you’re busy with activities, and it’s been a while. So, don’t waste another minute thinking about it, make plans now! Once you’ve made the decision to eat out, you need to find the perfect place. You want somewhere different than where you’ve been to in the past. Someplace with something for everyone. Maybe a restaurant serving a delicious Cajun seafood boil to satisfy your craving. But also, something for those picky eaters in your family.  When searching for a fun, family restaurant, choose Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill.

For 15 years we traveled through the southeastern United States looking for the best seafood and Cajun recipes. We tested and tweaked our recipes until we achieved perfection. Today, we serve you these dishes in our relaxed, nautical-themed restaurants. Located in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, we’re ready to cook you up the best seafood ever. Moreover, to serve you better, we’ve just opened a new location in Greensboro on New Garden Road.

Now, it’s easy to enjoy authentic Cajun meals right here in the Piedmont Triad at our 3 convenient locations. Furthermore, with our abundant seafood menu choices, you’ll feel like you’re on the coast. Plus, for those times when you have a craving but want to eat at home, we have online ordering. And because we know you’ll want to come back for more, we’ve started a loyalty program. Sign up for free and start enjoying the perks! It’s simple. Just scroll to the bottom of our home page and you’ll see the sign-up on the left-hand side.

What Is Cajun food?

To understand Cajun food, you must know a little about the history of the Cajun people. They were French colonists who settled Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1600s. When the British gained control of the area, they tried to force the colonists to swear allegiance to the king. This included renouncing their Catholic religion. Since the colonists refused, the British began to forcibly remove them from the territory. Eventually, many of these French colonists made their way to Louisiana, settling along the bayous in rural areas. Relatively isolated, they could follow their own beliefs and customs.

Cajuns, as these French colonists came to be known, were rugged people. They lived off the land, incorporating the foods from their new home into their traditional dishes. The nearby waters offered crab, oyster, alligator, crawfish, shrimp, catfish, and redfish. So, seafood became the focal point of many of their meals. Since rice thrived in Louisiana’s hot, humid climate, it too became the basis for many dishes.

Primarily, Cajun dishes are simple one-pot meals. Traditional Cajun dishes start with onion, celery and bell peppers. Add some Cajun seasonings such as garlic, paprika, thyme, parsley, and green onions. Now all you need is some fresh seafood.

Some well-known Cajun foods include gumbo, jambalaya, and étouffée. Gumbo has a soupy consistency with rice on the side while jambalaya is more like Spanish Paella. And étouffée is a thick stew made with crawfish. At Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we’ve got our versions of these classic dishes. We serve up all three with a choice of house or Caesar side salad.

Get a Taste of NOLA in Your Neighborhood

NOLA is the acronym for New Orleans, Louisiana. No one really knows where or when the term originated. The first use of the term appeared somewhere in the 1900s.  Later on, in the 1960s, locals used the term frequently to shorten addresses on letters.  In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, many reporters resorted to calling the city NOLA, popularizing the term.

New Orleans is famous for its signature dishes like gumbo and Po’ Boys. Although originally settled by the French, other people settled into the area as well. And so, NOLA became a blend of nationalities including Italians, Spanish, Africans, Germans, Native Americans, and Portuguese. Each added their influence to the flavors and meals that became the city’s culinary delights. Undoubtedly, NOLA dishes have their own distinct seasonings unique to that area.

If you browse our menu, you’ll see we serve NOLA chicken, salmon, and shrimp. We’ve created these dishes in the tradition of New Orleans cooking with our own unique twist. The result is a sweet and spicy flavoring guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

While You’re Waiting, Munch on Our Delicious Appetizers

Everyone loves a good appetizer. It allows you to try a new flavor in a small amount. Appetizer time is generally when more conversation takes place. Plus, everyone in your dining party can try a variety of items. And it gives you something to munch on while you’re waiting for the main course.

Of course, at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we’ve got our own delectable sampling.  Choices include seafood like popcorn shrimp, crab dip, or oysters. We also serve fried pickles, cheese sticks, and sweet potato fries. Our appetizers will arouse your taste buds while holding you over until the main course arrives.

Seafood Boils – the Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Eating

Travel to any coastal town in America and you’ll find an abundance of seafood restaurants. Serving dishes based on the local catch, each area has its own distinct flavors.  While seafood boils are very popular anywhere near the coast, many historians credit the Cajuns with the original dish. Generally, the differences between boils are seasonings, seafood choices, and side dishes. For example, New England boils use clams with very little or no seasonings at all. On the other hand, Louisiana seafood boils may include shrimp, crab, and crawfish with Cajun seasoning.

Our seafood boils start with corn on the cob and potatoes. If you wish, you can add sausages and eggs. Then pick your seafood. Choose from shrimp, snow crab legs, mussels, crawfish, or lobster tail combinations. Or build your own combination adding Blue Crab, King or Dungeness Crab legs, clams or oysters. Next, pick out your seasoning. We’ve got garlic, lemon pepper, Cajun. And if you can’t decide, we’ll mix all three. Finally, choose your spice level. From mild to extra hot, we satisfy all tastes.

After simmering your ingredients to perfection, we serve you a steaming hot and delicious meal. Then the fun begins! We invite you to dig in and get crazy! Yes, it’s messy but it’s also the most fun you’ll have eating out. Where else can you take the family and not have to worry about the children making a mess. Here, everyone is encouraged to make a mess. It just shows that you really enjoyed our delicious food!

What Is Blackened Seafood?

When most people think of blackened seafood, it conjures up thoughts of Cajun cooking. Yet, blackening is not historical Cajun fare, but the invention of Chef Paul Prudhomme. In the early 1980s, Chef Prudhomme was cooking up dishes in his restaurant, K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. Taking redfish, he dipped it in melted butter. After encrusting it with a blend of herbs, he cooked it in a very hot cast-iron pan. It became an instant success, catapulting Chef Prudhomme to fame.

Typically, the blend of herbs is a mixture of chili pepper, garlic, onion powder, black pepper, oregano, thyme, and salt. As with other popular dishes, there are variations among cooks. Additionally, today, chefs serve other blackened dishes besides redfish. Chicken, beef, as well many types of fish are popular. Here at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we have the traditional blackened redfish. But we also serve blackened salmon, tilapia, or shrimp.

What about Dessert?

What dining experience is complete without topping it off with something sweet at the end of the meal? Our extensive travels introduced us to many sweet concoctions from the south. Once again, we tested and tweaked these sweets in our kitchens. A tough job, but someone had to do it! The results? We narrowed them down to our favorite collection of sweet and scrumptious desserts.

First, we put our own spin on New Orleans’ famous Bananas Foster. Paul Blangé created this famous dessert in the 1950s. The owner of the restaurant, Owen Brennan challenged him to create a new dessert with bananas. Chefs create this dessert by sautéing bananas in butter with sugar and cinnamon. After adding rum, the chef sets the dessert aflame. We merge the great taste of Bananas Foster with cheesecake to bring you a sweet, delectable dessert.

Another popular New Orleans dessert is beignets, a type of fried doughnut. Popular in Europe, French settlers brought the recipe with them when they settled in Canada in the 16th century. It traveled with them when the British exiled them. Today, Louisiana is very proud of this sweet pastry. So, in 1986 the legislature voted the beignet the official state donut.  A square piece of sweet yeasted dough, the beignet is heavily coated in powdered sugar. We serve ours with a side chocolate dipping sauce for a truly memorable taste.

Additionally, in the tradition of coastal Florida, we also serve Key Lime Pie. Our scratch-made graham cracker crust, tart filling topped with whipped cream is the perfect end to your meal. Or perhaps you’d like our vanilla cheesecake fried in a crispy shell served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. And for the chocolate lovers, we have our scratch-made 3-layer chocolate cake.

We Do Serve Other Dishes Besides Seafood

Typically, within your family, and even in your circle of friends, you don’t always all like the same foods. That’s why we serve more than just seafood. For the steak lover, we serve both sirloin and rib eye steaks, cooked the way you like it. And for those who love a juicy hamburger, we have several different kinds. Of course, we serve both the classic burger and cheeseburger. But we also have more exotic burgers like our black & bleu or bourbon barbeque sauce hamburger.

Maybe you’re in the mood for chicken. We have several different styles of grilled chicken breasts including southwest and bourbon. Or do you prefer to munch on chicken wings? Our wings are always fresh, never frozen. And we serve ‘em up naked, breaded, or grilled. Choose from among our popular dressings like BBQ, Cajun, Teriyaki, Thai Chili, or lemon pepper.

Plus, for our littlest diners, we serve their favorites in smaller portions. Your children will love our chicken tenders, shrimp, fried tilapia, or wings. And you’ll love our Monday night kids special! Every Monday at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, kids can choose any kids’ menu item for only 99 cents!

Serving a Mouthwatering Cajun Seafood Boil

You love your family and want to create a memorable dining experience to express that love. One place where your kids can be messy and it’s okay. Maybe you too, want to get messy with an authentic Cajun seafood boil. When searching for a relaxed dining experience with something for everyone, take the family to Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill.

Our extensive menu features the authentic taste of New Orleans, plus salads, steaks, and chicken. Moreover, we offer a full bar with more than fifty choices of beer and liquor to accompany any meal. Additionally, we started a loyalty program because we know you’ll be back for more. So, give us a call to make your reservations! In Winston Salem, reach us at 336-727-3735. For our Greensboro location on Big Tree Way, call 336-315-5351. And for our newest location on New Garden Road, phone 336-895-4784. Because enjoying a memorable meal with your family is priceless.


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