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Want to Experience the Taste of the Coast? Then, Take the Entire Family to Crazy Crab!

When was the last time you took your family out to enjoy a fun, memorable meal? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to do it again soon. But finding a family-friendly restaurant that has something for everyone is hard to find. While your kids have more mild tastes, you’re in the mood for something distinctive and unique. Above all, you want great food served in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Also, you want to be comfortable taking your kids, because kids can sometimes be a bit messy! Such a restaurant exists and it’s right here in the Piedmont Triad area. It’s Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill. In fact, they encourage you to “dig in and get crazy!” They want everyone to fully enjoy their delicious food in a friendly atmosphere.

We want to be your new favorite place to eat. To achieve this goal, we traveled extensively for 15 years through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. After picking the best recipes, we tested and adjusted our favorite dishes.  Today, we serve you our delectable versions of seafood and Cajun dishes. But we understand that not everyone has the same tastes. That’s why our extensive menu includes salads, hamburgers, chicken, and steak.

However, a great dining experience involves more than just good food. It’s also about the memories created when you’re with your family or friends. That’s why we train our servers to be knowledgeable and courteous while providing excellent service. So, you can relax, enjoying time with your loved ones while we take care of your needs.

Additionally, we now have 3 locations, with one in Winston-Salem and two in Greensboro. Our newly opened location on New Garden Road is ready and waiting to serve you. Plus, for those times when you’re in a hurry, we have online ordering from all locations. And because we know you’ll be back for more; we offer a loyalty program. Sign up for free and watch the rewards roll in.

What Is Cajun Food?

The Cajuns were French colonists who settled and prospered in Canada. When the British forcibly exiled them in 1755, many of them resettled in the rural areas of southern Louisiana. A rugged people, they adapted their traditional meals to the ingredients found around their new home. This included the abundant seafood found in the nearby waters.

Typically, Cajun dishes are hearty one-pot meals that begin with onion, celery, and bell pepper. Many dishes incorporate seasonings such as garlic, paprika, cayenne, salt, oregano, and thyme. Seafood, such as oysters, crab, shrimp, crawfish, and redfish, is often the main ingredient. Traditional Cajun dishes include jambalaya, gumbo, and Étoufée.

At Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we have our own versions of these famous dishes. While our versions include the aspects of traditional Cajun cooking, we put our unique twist to create our meals. You’ll love our authentic taste of New Orleans located right here in the Piedmont Triad area.

Serving Up a Hot and Delicious Lunch Menu

It’s nearing lunchtime at work. You and your co-workers are trying to decide what you want to eat. You’re tired of Chinese, burgers, and the local diner. With a limited lunch break, you want something you can order ahead of time, but also something tasty and different.

Welcome to online ordering at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill. Simply go to our website and choose from one of our 3 locations. Next, pick your dish and place your order. When you arrive at our restaurant, we’ll have your meal hot and ready to go. It’s easy, fast, and makes for a memorable lunch!

Of course, our lunch menu has many great dishes. We have fried shrimp, oysters, fish, and chicken. All served with French fries. Our other lunch meals are jambalaya, fettuccine Alfredo, smothered chicken, or skewered shrimp. Furthermore, we serve our lunch specials daily until 3 pm.

What about Your Seafood Boil?

If you’ve never had a seafood boil, you’re in for a real treat. Seafood boils are an eating tradition that spans generations and coastal regions of the country. The variation among boils is in the preparation and types of seafood. It’s one of those meals where you’re encouraged to get messy with your food. While no one knows the exact date of origin, most historians agree that seafood boils began with the Cajuns.

In the tradition of Louisiana, our seafood boil starts with corn and potato. If you wish, you can add sausage and egg. Next, pick your seafood. We have shrimp, snow crab legs, black mussels, crawfish, or lobster combinations. Or make your unique variation with black or green mussels, clams, Dungeness or King Crab legs, oysters or Blue crab. Then it’s time to pick your flavor. Do you like garlic, lemon pepper, or perhaps a combination of all three? Finally, choose your spice level from mild to extra hot.

Then, in our kitchen, we simmer your unique ingredients. When they’re perfectly cooked, juicy and succulent, we serve your meal. Hot, steaming and delicious! Then, dig in and get crazy! We want you to get messy!  In fact, we encourage it.

What Else Is on the Menu?

While our specialty is our seafood and Cajun food, we realize people have different tastes. That’s why we created our extensive menu that also includes chicken, burgers, and steak. Moreover, we serve each of these several different ways.

For example, we offer 5 different chicken breast dishes. From our milder grilled to our spicier NOLA chicken, you’re sure to find one to please your palate. All include your choice of a side dish. We also have chicken wings served naked, breaded, or grilled. Your choices of sauces include barbeque, Cajun, Teriyaki, Thai chili, or lemon pepper. Plus, our wings are always fresh, never frozen.

Perhaps you’d like a hamburger instead? We serve 5 different kinds of hamburgers from the classic to our unique black and bleu. All our hamburgers are hand-ground Angus beef, topped with the freshest ingredients. A serving of French fries completes the meal.

Additionally, we have a kids’ menu for our youngest diners. We serve their favorite foods in smaller portions – just their size. Plus, every Monday night is kids’ night at Crazy Crab. Kids can choose any item from their menu for only 99 cents! Your kids will love the food, and you’ll love the prices!

What Shall I Drink with My Meal?

Many diners think carefully about their choice of food, but don’t give equal consideration to their drink. However, beverages have the power to transform a good meal into a great meal. Moreover, a good drink does more than satisfy your thirst, it gives pleasure and satisfaction. Whatever your taste, soft drink, beer, wine, or cocktail, the right drink can bring out the flavors of your dish.

At Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we serve Pepsi products including Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist. Plus, we carry Cheerwine, Dr. Pepper, pink lemonade as well as sweetened and unsweetened tea. For those of you who prefer a spirituous drink, we have a full bar with 50 choices of beer and liquor. Our bartender is always ready to mix up your favorite cocktail.

Some Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cocktail

A cocktail is a perfect accompaniment to any of our meals. Cocktails are great for setting the mood and taste divine with any of our dishes. However, sometimes you may need some help picking one to go with your dinner. While our bartender is always ready to help you, we offer some guidance to help you.

Usually, you want to try to complement your meal while avoiding an exact match of flavor. A suggestion is to try to pick one shared ingredient from both the dish and drink. The trick is to not let one flavor overpower the other.

Generally, acidic drinks clear the palate to enhance the food you’re eating. As you taste the food, your taste buds get stimulated. Occasionally, the taste of one flavor will affect the next flavor. When you drink an acidic drink, the acid removes the flavor to increase the pleasure of your next bite. Citrus fruits are acidic, so drinks made with lemons, limes, or oranges are good choices.

Typically, Cajun food conjures up thoughts of spicy food. While not all Cajun food is spicy, it does contain many spices. When considering your cocktail to go with your Cajun dish, be wary of drinks with high alcohol content. These types of drinks make spices taste spicier. Consider a sweet drink instead.

Does It Matter What Beer I Choose?

Just like a cocktail, beer can accentuate the flavors of many seafood dishes. Although there are many types of beer, the two main ones are lagers and ales. The basic difference between the two is the type of fermenting yeast and the process. Typically, there aren’t as many flavors that clash with beer, so you can choose your favorite brew.

Ales are a top-fermented beer with higher alcohol content and lower carbonation. These beers can be pale, amber, or brown.  Pale ales are the best all-around beer for seafood, flavorful without being too heavy.  Amber ales have a strong malt flavor with notes of sweet caramel. Whereas brown ales have hints of chocolate.

In contrast, lagers are bottom fermented with higher carbonation and less alcohol than ales. Lagers are light or dark.  Known for their crisp and refreshing taste, light lagers are one of the palest types of beer. Many well-known brands fall into this category such as Budweiser, Miller, or Coors.  Dark lager brands are less famous. They have a nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness. Made with roasted malts, sometimes the brewers sweeten it with caramel syrup.

Are you still unsure about what beverage should accompany your meal? Don’t hesitate to ask your server for suggestions. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We’re here to serve you and to make sure you have the best dining experience, ever.

Visit Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill for One of the Best Dining Experiences Ever

In the past, you’ve had some really good dining experiences. However, at Crazy Crab Seafood & Grill, we want your visit to be a great, memorable event.  We understand that your dining out is a special treat to celebrate with your family or friends. That’s why our staff provides friendly, knowledgeable service with outstandingly delicious food. Our motto to “dig in and get crazy” is our way of life.

We bring you the authentic taste of New Orleans without having to travel hundreds of miles. And we serve it in our relaxed, nautical-themed restaurants. Our recent opening on New Garden Road in Greensboro provides another convenient location. Plus, you can enjoy our user-friendly online ordering.

Don’t forget to sign up for our loyalty program! It’s simple, easy and rewards you for eating your favorite food. Just sign up for our website and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember, too, kids eat for only 99 cents every Monday night!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your reservation today! In Winston-Salem, call us at 336-727-3735. For our Big Tree Way location, dial 336-315-5351 and our newest location at New Garden Road 336-895-4784. Then, be prepared for one of the best dining experiences of your life.


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